In recent paintings, which are acrylic paint on photographs, I am departing from a sci-fi narrative in which matter is summoned by environmental forces. The idea of a twister is a good starting point. Moisture in the air compelled by wind, creating an unexpected moving object. We can call that weather. People interpret the weather, people can read it. This series imagines literal communication from our alpahabet.

Aside from the narrative, the objects in these paintings could be seen as sculptures, they are just painted instead of built. In terms of painting, the painted objects are a response to the photograph of the environment, their creation can be dealt with in terms of the dynamics of mark making on a canvas.

- Donal Murphy 2018



March 2018 - Some works from the series
An Alphabet were featured on 

February 2017 - El Sirenito in Georgetown,     Seattle, Wa

Winter 2016 - Habitude in Ballard, Wa                       Also: The Berliner Doner Kebab, Pioneer Square, Seattle, Wa

January/February 2016 - The Saturn Building, Fremont, Wa (Fremont Art Walk)

September/November 2015 - Paper Plane Installation (Private Residence on Beacon Hill)

September 2015 - Baja Bistro, Beacon Hill    (Beacon Arts) 

September 2015 - Guesthouse, Madison Park (Madison Park Art Walk)

April/May/June 2015 - Couch, Ballard, Wa      (Ballard Art Walk)

January 2015 - The Elysian Fields, Pioneer Square, Seattle Wa

September 2014 - The Sitting Room, Seattle, Wa (Uptown Art Walk)