Exhibiting at Axis Gallery in Pioneer Square, Seattle, WA  - September/October 2018

Winner of Excellence Award                           at Anacortes Arts Festival  - August 2018
Festival winners

July/August 2018 - Narthex Gallery in Magnolia

March 2018 - Some works from the series
An Alphabet were featured on Booooooom.com 

February 2017 - El Sirenito in Georgetown,     Seattle, Wa

Winter 2016 - Habitude in Ballard, Wa                       Also: The Berliner Doner Kebab, Pioneer Square, Seattle, Wa

January/February 2016 - The Saturn Building, Fremont, Wa (Fremont Art Walk)

September/November 2015 - Paper Plane Installation (Private Residence on Beacon Hill)

September 2015 - Baja Bistro, Beacon Hill    (Beacon Arts) 

September 2015 - Guesthouse, Madison Park (Madison Park Art Walk)

April/May/June 2015 - Couch, Ballard, Wa      (Ballard Art Walk)

January 2015 - The Elysian Fields, Pioneer Square, Seattle Wa

September 2014 - The Sitting Room, Seattle, Wa (Uptown Art Walk)